Pre-Purchase Appraisal

Get Objective, Expert Advice from a Professional Real Estate Appraiser when Buying a Home

Everyone who takes out a mortgage to purchase a home has an appraisal done on the property. But have you ever wondered whom the appraiser works for? The truth is that the appraiser is usually hired by the lending institution. That lender, however, is in all likelihood going to sell your mortgage immediately after the deal closes. It’s an unfortunate reality that many lenders don’t care if you overpay for a house, because they aren’t going to hold the loan for long anyway.

The good news is that you can protect your interests by ordering your own appraisal, prepared by an independent appraiser that works for you. Why trust real estate agents and mortgage lenders to give you the accurate truth about the true market value of the property you’re about to purchase? They all get paid regardless of whether you become upside down in your loan.

If you want a professional, reliable appraisal prepared by an experienced, knowledgeable, New York Certified Real Estate Appraiser, call us. We’ll protect your investment and give you the sense of security that comes with knowing you paid a fair price for your home.