Fair Market Value

Fair and Accurate Real Estate Appraisals

There are numerous reasons homeowners may need to assess the fair market value of their homes. Perhaps they’re thinking of selling. Or maybe they’re setting up a trust or applying for a loan. When the time comes for you to shop for a real estate appraisal, whom should you call?

Realtors aren’t qualified or certified to appraise property. They often artificially inflate or deflate the value of their listings in order to serve their or their clients’ agendas.

As licensed, certified and experienced New York State real estate appraisers, we’re uniquely qualified to offer you an accurate, unbiased assessment of the value of your real estate. Whatever the reason is for your appraisal, we get it done quickly, accurately, and we guarantee our work.

How does our process work?

Step 1: Inspect

Your appraiser will conduct a personal, on-site inspection of the entire property. The living space will be measured and photographed and the property will be assessed for damages and upgrades that may increase or decrease the fair market value of the asset.

Step 2: Analyze

Following the inspection, your appraiser will take a detailed look at the rest of the properties in your market area. The appraiser will look at houses that have recently sold and compare them to your property. Factors taken into consideration include the physical condition of comparable properties, lot sizes, additional structures on the land, the mechanical systems of the properties, the amount of living space, the number of rooms and the desirability of the location.

Step 3: Report

Considering all available information, your appraiser will arrive at a final adjustment determining the true fair market value of your property.

If you need a fair and accurate real estate appraisal, call us at 718-732-6000. Our experience and expertise is the key to our success, and yours.