Real Estate Appraisals for an Immigration Affidavit of Support

New citizens immigrate to this great country every day. For the families who sponsor relatives who are immigrating, the government’s vetting process can be stressful.

One of the most important parts of the process involves filling out an affidavit of support. This document signifies that an existing citizen is taking financial responsibility for a new immigrant.

For the purpose of establishing financial stability for an affidavit of support, a real estate appraisal prepared by a licensed, certified appraiser is the only acceptable proof of the value of real estate assets in the United States.

If you are sponsoring an immigrant who is coming to live in the United States, call us. Our appraisers are fully licensed and certified in the State of New York. We have ample experience working with immigrants and their families and we prepare appraisals that fit all of the guidelines of the Department of Homeland Security.