Pre-sale Appraisal

Sell Your Home Fast And For The Best Price With An Expert Appraisal 

Most sellers today rely on the expertise of their listing agent when pricing their home. While many Realtors do have ample experience assessing the value of their listings, there’s a world of difference between their opinion and that of a professional real estate appraiser.

Real estate agents have incentives pulling them in different directions when they price a home. If they’re desperate for sales they may price a house low to get fast action. If they’re desperate for active listings, they may intentionally overprice a home.

The only way to truly know the value of your home is to order an independent appraisal from an experienced, licensed, independent real estate appraiser.

We offer unbiased, accurate, up to the minute assessments of the true market value of real estate. Forearmed with this vital information you’ll be able to price your listing perfectly so that it sells quickly, and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that the home is worth exactly what you’re asking for it.

Empower yourself when hiring a listing agent. Give yourself the edge in negotiations with buyers. Enter into the transaction with confidence. Call us today and order an independent appraisal of your home before you list.