Property Tax Grievance Appraisals

Do you believe that your property taxes are too high? Perhaps you’ve thought about filing a grievance with your local authorities? You’ve heard of those companies that advertise that they specialize in filing grievances, but they charge so much that you would have to give up half or more of what you would save on your taxes in the first year!

Don’t give up half or more of the money you save to a middleman. File your property tax grievance yourself.

Filing a tax grievance isn’t some mystical, complicated process. In fact, it’s quite easy. You simply follow these three steps:

1. Fill out the official tax grievance form for your local authority. This document can usually be found and downloaded online.
2. Acquire a certified property appraisal from a licensed real estate appraiser.
3. Submit the grievance form along with the certified real estate appraisal to your local authority before the annual deadline.

Real estate appraisals are not required for the grievance process, but they are the trick to winning your grievance! Professional grievance companies use them. In fact that’s the only added benefit they bring to the table.

Our appraisals cost a flat fee, which you’ll pay to a grievance company anyway, plus much more. Why not call us and have one of our licensed, certified New York State real estate appraisers assess the true value of your home. You can file your own grievance and keep the savings you earn. Call us for your grievance appraisal today!